Sacred Heart Schools in Japan

There are 6 educational institutes of the School of the Sacred Heart in Japan: Four schools of the Sacred Heart (including Fuji Sacred Heart School), University of the Sacred Heart and International School of the Sacred Heart. 


University of the Sacred Heart 

International School

Sapporo Sacred Heart School 

Tokyo Sacred Heart School

Obayashi Sacred Heart School


SOFIS consists of representatives of each Sacred Heart High School in Japan.  It stands for the beginning letters of each of the 5 schools; Sapporo (Sapporo), Obayashi (Kobe), Fuji (Shizuoka), International School of the Sacred Heart, and Sankocho (Tokyo).  The goals of SOFIS are to deepen the bond among the Sacred Heart Schools in Japan, and to promote the social awareness which leads them to take concrete action.  A workshop is held every year during the summer vacation at one of the schools.  Each year, a theme is given to the workshop, and the SOFIS group from each school prepares a presentation regarding the theme.

◆Recent Themes of SOFIS◆

2010  Biodiversity                                             
            2011  Multicultural Society    
2012  Understanding of Other Religions and Tolerance   
2013  Solidarity with the Victims of the Disaster Area
2014  Disaster Prevention                                     
2015  Indigenous People 
2016  Refugee                                                 
2017  Refugee
2018  Climate Change (SDGs13)
2019  Living in Harmony with Nature

5-1:SIFIS (グループワーク)

International Network of Sacred Heart Schools

There are 146 Sacred Heart Schools in 30 countries. Together, we educate hopeful youth to lead lives filled with a sense of purpose and richness of spirit, guided by the shared vision of Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat. Our schools are part of a vast family to which each child, educator, alumnae/i and religious of the Sacred Heart belong.

Global Programs of Fuji Sacred Heart School


ALL 11th grade students have the opportunity to visit the places that are related to our foundress, Saint Madelene Sophie Barat in France.  Also, they visit UNESCO Head Quarters in Paris in order to live the spirit of the foundress in today’s world. 


●Study Tours

There are lots of opportunities to join Study Tours. Let’s make friends all over the world! You will be the bridge between countries.

●Summer Exchange Programs with Sacred Heart Schools









Study Abroad Exchange Programs 

The school offers a variety of exciting study abroad programs as we encourage students to experience different cultures to raise global awareness and develop their sense of themselves. More students are interested in studying in non-English speaking countries in recent years. 

One Year Study Abroad Exchange Programs at Sacred Heart Schools

Students studying at a Sacred Heart School abroad have a rich and fruitful experience to broaden their views as well as improve their languages.  The credits admitted by the sister schools are transferred to those required to graduate from Fuji Sacred Heart School.  Most of the students who have studied abroad are successful in finishing their study at Fuji Sacred Heart School in three years.  Recently more students have used this system to study at other schools especially in non-English speaking countries like the Czech Republic, Germany, Mexico and the Netherlands as well as the USA, Canada and New Zealand.

Academy of the Sacred Heart (USA)

Baradene College (New Zealand)

 Halifax (Canada) 

Kilgraston (Scotland, U.K.)

Stuart Holme School (Australia)

One Month Study Abroad Exchange Programs at Sacred Heart Schools 

The school can also offer a variety of countries for you to study if you choose one- month study abroad exchange programs.  We are still exploring the possibility of sister schools for you to study at all over the world.  You can also find a new one by yourself! 

La Perverie Sacré Cœur (France)

Istituto Sacro Cuore della Trinità dei Monti (Italy)


 Sacred Heart Junior High School for Girls (Taiwan)

Colegio Sagrado Corazón México (Mexico)

Villa Duchesne and Oak Hill School (USA)

Academy of the Sacred Heart Sacred Heart (USA)

Academy Bryn Mawr (USA)

School Life of Exchange Students

Our school welcomes students from all over the world.  We offer exchange programs of from a few weeks to one year to the students of the Sacred Heart School Network, not to mention to those from other schools.  We have had students from Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Mexico, the U.S., Finland, Italy, the Republic of Honduras …….


Tea Ceremony  


Flower Arrangement 


Japanese Harp


Japanese Calligraphy


Japanese Lesson


Cooking Club


Spanish Lesson




School Tour 


Tea Party


Farewell Party